Friday, 6 May 2011

The Nail File - Purple Obsession

Purple is definitely one of the hottest colours of the season. I have been on a hunt for the perfect lilac nail polish lately as I don't have any in my collection. China Glaze is one of my favourite brand. The quality for the price is amazing. I think that it is comparable to O.P.I (also one of my faves) but less expensive. I ended up buying Spontaneous by China Glaze. Although it is very pretty, shiny, and smooth, it is not the colour that I want. I want a pastel purple...

Spontaneous by China Glaze

A couple of days later I got bored of the not-pastel purple nailpolish and decided to "crack" it with the white Crackle polish ( Lightning Bolt) by China Glaze.

Although, I have received a lot of compliments on these, I don't love it as much as the black ones pictured here.
I thought it looks kind of like dried out white-out. Maybe I just did it wrong, but it didn't crack as much as the black ones.
Nevertheless, "cracking" your nails will definitely get your fingers notice from both male and female :) 


  1. very nice nails! i definitely heart purple nails!!! :)

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  2. wow nice nails! lovels color too.

  3. i follow you nowwwwwww :)))

  4. Love it! Wish I could do my own nails! I love purple!

  5. hi hazey! you can find lilac polishes from the face shop :)

    much love,

  6. woow! very nice :)
    i like your blog a lot!
    and i followed it.

  7. fantatsic purple color,and even better after your white work!:)) lovely blog,thank u so much sweetie for commenting on mine and for following me,i'm gladly doing the same now!!:)

  8. The 2nd photo is awesome!I love your amazing and creative nail polish!

  9. i think the white crackle polish i have is messed up or something. mine never comes out that good =/. love the purple and white combo!


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