Saturday, 16 July 2011

Canada Day Outfit of the Day

Canada Day was weeks ago but I was quite busy so this post is super late. Better late than never right? Canada Day is all about rocking the Red and White, Blue Jays, TFC or Raptors shirt if your from Toronto. Majority of the people that I saw that day was wearing Blue Jays shirts (our baseball team) I spent the day at Centreville, a Toronto island in the middle of the city with family and friends. It was good old quality time, and it was a lot of fun.

I was surprise to look into my closet and discover that I actually don't own a lot of red. I think I have like three, hence this is the closet to red I could find. I am still obsessed with the hippie look :)

Wearing an Ikat print sheer blouse from Sirens. Abercrombie denims. Ardene braided headband, and a straw bag from the states. Rayban sunnies.
My hair was this long. I actually cut it last week :)
The line-up to get on the ferry extended all the way to the street. I have never seen this place so busy.
Meet up with some friends. 
Ended the night with fireworks at the park.
Source: Celebuzz
Kate Middleton and Prince William were also visiting Canada at the time. I love how Kate rocked the Red and White. So classy. 

I would just like to say thank you to Marcela of Fashionadictas for this lovely blog award. She is super sweet and her blog is all about the latest fashion from the runway. So if your a fashion lover like me check her out :)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Blog Awards :)

Sorry for being away yet again. I have more midterms, so it is time to crawl back into a hole :( 
I promise I will respond to your comments by next week :)
Thank you to 5 amazing girls who gave me the following blog awards. I am beyond thrilled, surprise and so thankful! These things will never get old.
First one is from lil miss Sauniya'  of I am not Perfect.  Check out her blog about life, fashion and everything in between. Either way you will be entertained. Plus she has the ability to put into words exactly what I am thinking and probably yours too :)                        
I pass on the award to the following: 

Alex - ThisIsAlx...S -My Darling Solitude...Carlota - Box Of Dreams...Becky - Design Runway

Maryam Maquillage - Fix Your Face...Despina T. – Fashion for Life...Jessy - J's little place of Girly Heaven...Carrymel - Khaki, not cocky...Addie – The Cat Hag...VLM - Seven Inch Stilettos....Joan - U make fashion...Fashion.Makeup.Lifestyle 

 The second award is from a fellow Canadian blogger and easily one of my fave and most visited blog, ThisIsAlx. She blogs about everything in general!  Check out her versatile blog which includes a  DIY romper and thoughtful product reviews. 

I pass on the award to the following: 

Miss Kwong -  From Catwalk to Classroom…Carla Violet – Little Miss Violet…Andrea -  Star-Light´s Fashion-WorldAlexandria - A Style of No StyleSarah Shoemaker - The House of Shoes.//The Petite Blogger - The Petite BloggerWear a smile – wear a smileAugusta Lolita – Lolita’s LifeFrancisca R - Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger!...Cecylia - Shop and Tell
The 3rd award is from a newly discovered blog CARRYMEL of Khaki, not cocky. She also blogs about everything. Love reading her blog about life with a sense of humour. With a tagline like "once upon a time nobody gave a f***k, and so she wrote about it." What else would you expect?

I pass on the award to the following: 

Sam - sam a la modeLil miss Sauniya’  - I am Not Perfect..!.!.!...PreciousXing - PreciousXing…PinkMate - thepinkmateproje......LovelyladyJB - I'm perfectly human....BreakingRumours - A daily dose of anything....Robots in Trouble - Robots in Trouble!...Divina Joy - Amidst the World…Melissa – thepinkmargaritaAlina – Alina’s Blog Mode Pour Moi - Mode Pour Moi Songbird - songbird…Marcela GMD - Fashionadictas by Marcela
Last but not least, my last award came from two lovely ladies, Alexandria of  A Style of No Style, who has a truly versatile style and whose closet I would love to raid. LovelyLadyJb of I'm perfectly human who also post great ootd pictures and blogs about fashion in general. And ohh this girl can rock the prints!
I pass on the award to all of you, because you are all lovely :) 

When receiving the awards, I must:
Share seven random things about myself

* I am obsessed with the 1920's era. It was a time of expression and freedom especially for women, and it showed in their attitudes and their fashion. Here I am dress as a 1920's woman two Halloweens ago. 

*I also love period movies ie. The Notebook, and Atonement and epic movies ie Troy.

  * I have 2 dimples, if you haven't notice. See above pic. 

      *I love thrifting/ vintage shopping. I know some people find it disgusting but I honestly don't see anything wrong with it. It gives me the same thrill as when I am buying something new. 

Check out these items I found this week!

Vintage necklace. My first bib necklace. Lo
I have been wearing this glasses everyday! I have been looking for a John Lennon-esque shades and these def fit the bill. 

Vintage Giorgio Armani

* I also love vintage clothing. I find that clothes back then were better made.
  *  I have a pretty shirt hanging on my wall, since my wall is bare I use it as a decor piece.

I was obsessed with Sailor Moon once upon a time. I swear I was Sailor Mars. Lol. I still want to dress as her for halloween one day. 
ehhh? lol

Answer the following questions:

Favourite colour: white and black (i know they are not colours) 
Favourite song: one of my favourite songs is Fix You by Coldplay. The lyrics are just very powerful

Favourite desert:  Please don't make me choose...
Biggest pet peeve: People who talk the talk but not walk the walk. 
When you are upset, you: stay in my room
Your favourite pet: I've only had one pet in my life, which was a dog. I would love to have a dolphin lol. 
Back or white: Shades of White ;)
Biggest Fear: Failure
Best feature: hair?
Everyday attitude: what's done is done. move on. 
What is perfection:  Living in my own tropical island with all the people that I love. ( One of my fave movie is Blue Lagoon) 
Guilty pleasure: Shopping, Chick Flicks, Desserts 

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Tobermory - Last Day :( (Image Heavy)

I dreaded the last day of our trip. I guess it's true what they say that all good things come to an end. The night before it was raining furiously, and continued throughout the morning and was on and off throughout the day. Sleeping in was nice but our plan to go on a boat cruise to venture into another island was quickly made impossible. We spent the day checking out the lighthouse, strolling through town and attempting to shop and joining the locals at a bingo game- my first time! Admittedly, it was fun despite the fact that aside from a few young guys we were the only one in the young category, relatively speaking. I had an idea how to play, but I didn't realize that there was more to it. Thankfully, everyone was ready to help.

Wearing GAP shirt, and Abercrombie shorts. 

The Lighthouse, which would have been the perfect spot to catch the sunrise.
Breakfast of champions - yes, its true we even eat rice for breakfast :) All Filipinos would recognize this meal . Longganisa  sausages are just too good.
I really wanted to go here and find some treasures but they were close. 

It got quite cold at night. Wearing my scarf from H&M and Forever 21 Stripe Sweater.
For our last dinner, BF made some amazing ribs, steamed broccoli and more grilled asparagus and mushrooms. 
Goodbye, our humble abode.
Our drive home, what a difference it was from our drive going there. 

Monday, 27 June 2011

Tobermory, Day 2 - Being one with nature

The weather in Tobermory is quite unpredictable. The second day of our trip consists of a 4 hour hike of the Bruce Peninsula National Park where the beauty of the place truly lies. I have never been hiking before. Although, the weather in the morning was cloudy, I expected it to warm up in the afternoon, hence the romper and bathing suit combo that I wore to go hiking. Yes I know who wears that to hike right? LOL. Well, the weather never got warm and the sun only showed itself periodically. Needless to say there was no swimming involve. Nevertheless, I truly enjoyed my first time hiking, and dare I say that I actually loved it. I never actually got tired, just famished at the end of it all. There were also public washrooms in a couple of places, they are the non-flush-able ones where you put some sort of wood shavings, aka, bulking agent after you do your thing.  It was not the best experience but I wasn't expecting any better, just glad that they were present.

This is so cute! I was surprised that there were actually a lot of Americans vacationing here judging by their license plate. These guys were from Pennsylvania. 

A few brave souls who took a dip in the water.

The Grotto.

Bf managed to make it down. I wish I went to, but I didn't exactly feel like climbing down with a DSLR in tow, especially without the reward of a swim afterwards. Maybe next time.
Nature is so beautiful. 

We hiked through rocks. It was tough and require a good balance. 
Stopping to enjoy the view.

Another stop. Same view, diffirent angle,  and just as beautiful.
We were famished at the end of the hike. Good food is a must. 

Mini burgers.

Bon appetit

Also, a very big thank you to Divina Joy for my second blog award.  How very sweet of you Divina, I am honoured and thankful.  Please check out her blog. I love reading her thoughts and insights. She is also very sweet.

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