Friday, 10 June 2011

My first Blogger Award :)

Here are the rules

1) Make a post containing:
• Say thank you to someone who give you this award
• Write about someone who give you this award
• Write about yourself
• There's a banner award and code
• Give this award to your 9 blogger-friends (blogends)
• Don't forget to leave a messages in their chatbox

2) Use this banner award on your blog sidebar, without change banner's code.

I am super thrilled to be receiving my first blogger award from another amazing blogger ThisIsAlx!! It really is such an honour when other wonderful bloggers acknowledge you. The blogging community has been so wonderful. It has become a place of an escape for me. A place where women don't trash talk each other but rather elevate each other. It is refreshing to see. 

ThisIsAlx has such a great blog, specially for Canadians. She always puts up great deals. I have no idea where she finds them but I always look forward to reading her blog to see what's new. She has introduced me to quite a few new things, which I am grateful for. Her product reviews are thorough, and I trust her opinion wholeheartedly. Thank you Alex for the award :) Check her out, you won't be disappointed! 

Now I have to write about myself? 

  • First of all, I hate talking about myself  :D.  I can pretty much talk about anything, but myself. I sometimes wish I was one of those people that are overly confident, but not cocky. Now you can see how hard this is for me. 
  • Okay, it may be hard but I never shy away from a challenge, so here goes some random things. 
  • I love food, if you haven't guess. I have officially declared this summer as a culinary experience. I am going to try as many different cuisines as possible. I used to be quite picky with food, but I have learned to appreciate the different taste that we have in the city. I was introduced to Indian food this year and I love it. 
  • Vegetables and my taste bud don't really get along. I used to actually be pickier with vegetables, but now the number of vegetables I eat has expanded to two hands. 
  • I love to bake,  but I can't cook.  
  • I want to have visited each continent before I am 30 :) 
  • I hate camping. Don't get me wrong,I love nature, but I can't go anywhere where there is no bathroom within a few steps. I am not some diva, I assure you.  The real reason is my skin is quite sensitive, and I find that I break out when I go camping. I also have a mosquito bite scar that is still here from some 4 years ago. I scar easily and I wish they would fade as easily but not quite.
  • I can pretty much shop anywhere. Take me anywhere and guaranteed I will walk away with something. 
  • I think this is more than enough. LOL. I guess I do like talking about myself a little more than I thought. 
  • One more thing, I love Alex Goot. Amazing and talented. Check him out below :)

Now I would love to give this award to a number of amazing bloggers I have came across:

Participation is optional. 


  1. Thanks a lot Haze, I am flattered!
    I have to ask you something, did you change anything on your feed cause it's not updated on my blogroll

  2. Thank you soooo much!
    Fashion Imperative team loves you and your blog!
    We we'll put this award on our blog as soon as possible because we are out of the town!
    Thank you once again!

    hugs and kisses by Mani and Antonia.

  3. Wow, congrats on the award sweetie, it's such an interesting post to read all bout you hehe.

    And thankies so much for tagging me, you made me smile like this :D. ♥

    The Cat Hag

  4. Aww, this is lovely,
    I love it!

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE !

  5. congrats for your award.
    and good luck with your blog
    Xx Liefs

  6. Thank you Haze for this lovely award! :) My third. Yay! :) School has been crazy! Just the first week and we've got exams na. Will blog again soon, prolly during the long weekend. Thanks again and take care!

    much love,

  7. Congrats again!! and that you for the sweet note hehe... Im having trouble with blogging now =[ I don't have my camera with me so i cant really blog anything new LOL... anyways I love ur blog you totally deserve a blog award s2!! I specially love all the OOTD!! they are all soo cute n wearable s2 n omg i always wanted to try indian food but everytime my friends n I go out we opt for sushi or korean... its always those two even tho i tell them i want spanish or indian food LOL

  8. congrats on the award!!! oh and thanks for your sweet comment :)

    House of Shoes

  9. congrats on your very first!!hope you get many more.i love visiting your blog:)

  10. Congratulations on your blog award and answering the challenging questions. It's hard to put yourself out there.

    Now your latest follower! Rambles with Reese

  11. Congrats on a well deserved award x

  12. such a cute idea :)

  13. Congrats on winning an award, im gunna check out the people you have recommended


  14. Congrats darling!

    xoxo Ra

  15. congrats love, hope your enjoying your first blogger award.


  16. Congratulations DOLL and of course to those receiving this award too.

    <3 Marina

  17. Congrats on the blog award! Definitely well-deserved. :)

    I love Indian food too! xoxo

  18. Congratulations!!! Thanks for this video here too! What a great voice ;)
    would love if you visited my blog!

  19. Just found your blog today, I like your style.

    Congrats on your award :)

  20. congrats on the award :D
    i think soon will be next :)


  21. Hi Haze,
    Congrats on the award!
    Thanks for the lovely compliment you left on my blog. You are so sweet! I'm only 165cm, so not that tall either....but I love maxi dresses so the high red wedges really helped! :)
    Also thanks for the follow back! I look forward to connecting with you! :)
    May xx

  22. Congrats! a well deserved award! :) your facts about yourself are funny, especially about how you can shop anywhere! haha! i have to admit, i'm kind of the same!

  23. Congratulations on your First blogger Award!

  24. Congratulations on your blog award, you definitely deserved it dear, you're a fabulous blogger!
    xoxo, Veena <3

  25. Woo hoo! Congratulations! I love food too...AND, I can shop anywhere!
    So many of us have that in common :P

  26. aww
    haze! you are too kind!
    thank you sooo much for the award
    I'll try to post about it soon :)

    and congratz for the award as well!

    I also can shop anywhere. My friends are always amazed with that fact


  27. would love to follow each other =) I'm following you now!
    I'm having a giveaway at 12:01PM
    check out my features in the meantime ;)

  28. congrats on your award! I'd love it if we followed each other :)

    check me outtt:

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Congrats on your award! I'm a new follower! Hopefully you can stop by my blog and follow me too? :)

    Have a good day!

  31. Congratz! And I love Alex Goot tooo! He is so gifted with music!

  32. Congrats girl!


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