Friday, 20 May 2011

Fabulous Find - California Colors

Even though I promise myself not to buy anymore nail polish for awhile, the pastel shades just screamed summer to me! Summer is what I am longing for right now given the awful Toronto weather we have been experiencing lately (with the exception of today) I walked away only to walk back for a closer inspection. It was only $6.99! For five great polishes it was a steal! Of course I had to have it. I have never heard of California Colors before and given the price I was not expecting much out of it. I was pleasantly surprise when I tried them and they go on fabulously. Minimal streaking, a bit liquid-y but after about 2-3 coats it looks fab. I love all of the shades with the exception of the glitter since I am not a glitter gal. You can find this great find at Winners of course :) Pictures of my nails to follow.

Have a great weekend!


  1. brave purchase :) love all the colours - great post.

    your newest follower,

  2. Loving these colors!

  3. AAw ! Colours are awesome !
    And as I've just seen you are soo soo beautiful !
    Adorable hair and you face is amazing.


    p.s. Please, check my blog and let's follow each other if you also like it ;)

  4. i know!!everytime i think that's it no more nail colors and then i end up buying them anyway..

  5. ooh! can't wait for the swatches! i like the yellow and the pale purple! looks sooo good. try using the glitter to line the tips instead? thats what i do ^^ :) or issit that you don't like it as it is? happy weekend!

  6. i am addicted to nail polishes too, i can't get enough :) love the the colors you bought!

    My Fashion Bug
    ps. thanks for following me, i am following you back

  7. wauw amazing colours, I want to get the same ones :p The vieuxrose is amazing!


  8. i love your shoes and that halo halo looks so yummy!


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