Monday, 27 June 2011

Tobermory, Day 2 - Being one with nature

The weather in Tobermory is quite unpredictable. The second day of our trip consists of a 4 hour hike of the Bruce Peninsula National Park where the beauty of the place truly lies. I have never been hiking before. Although, the weather in the morning was cloudy, I expected it to warm up in the afternoon, hence the romper and bathing suit combo that I wore to go hiking. Yes I know who wears that to hike right? LOL. Well, the weather never got warm and the sun only showed itself periodically. Needless to say there was no swimming involve. Nevertheless, I truly enjoyed my first time hiking, and dare I say that I actually loved it. I never actually got tired, just famished at the end of it all. There were also public washrooms in a couple of places, they are the non-flush-able ones where you put some sort of wood shavings, aka, bulking agent after you do your thing.  It was not the best experience but I wasn't expecting any better, just glad that they were present.

This is so cute! I was surprised that there were actually a lot of Americans vacationing here judging by their license plate. These guys were from Pennsylvania. 

A few brave souls who took a dip in the water.

The Grotto.

Bf managed to make it down. I wish I went to, but I didn't exactly feel like climbing down with a DSLR in tow, especially without the reward of a swim afterwards. Maybe next time.
Nature is so beautiful. 

We hiked through rocks. It was tough and require a good balance. 
Stopping to enjoy the view.

Another stop. Same view, diffirent angle,  and just as beautiful.
We were famished at the end of the hike. Good food is a must. 

Mini burgers.

Bon appetit

Also, a very big thank you to Divina Joy for my second blog award.  How very sweet of you Divina, I am honoured and thankful.  Please check out her blog. I love reading her thoughts and insights. She is also very sweet.


  1. O_o this reminds me of lake tahoe, but it's not. because i said lake tahoe, just know that i think that the place looks absolutely gorgeous and i KNOW that the photos don't justify it's beauty, so if i think that the photos are pretty here, it's most likely to be breathtaking in real life.

    your first time hiking and you're in rompers? lol at you! but i think it's okay because i'm sure that it's an easy hike. the last time i went hiking, i had to climb rocks. i was the only one girl with a bunch of guys so omg ... you can just imagine how adventurous they were.

    -robots in trouble

  2. This place is just gorgeous! The water is crystal clear. Love it!

  3. Qué precioso!! Es un auténtico paraíso, disfrútalo mucho!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  4. looks like a fun trip to me! the pictures you took are breathtaking!!! and the burger looks yummy

  5. aaaah your pictures look heavenly!!! I would love t get away in that cave :DDD

  6. SO Beautiful !!! Why not , just follow me back :)

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  7. congrats on looks yum..the water looks perfect for a beautiful swim!!great photos

    I am following you now. Please follow back as you said.


  9. oh my goodness your comment was so sweet! it made my morning thank you so much! yes my wedding was like 50's-60's which I am Obsessed with. we found my wedding dress on Etsy & it was worn in the 50's! But my mom added sleeves and totally changed the skirt.
    Anyway, these photos are simply breathtaking. I mean holy cow!!! you look great as well. stunning area!

  10. oh wow~~~the scene is gorgeous~~~~id love to go there sometimes in the future~~~


  11. thanks for your comment.
    Of cours we can follow each other.
    I'm following.
    Follow me back ;-)

  12. Wow girl!
    these photos are breathtaking!
    amazing shots
    you 2 look lovely

    New outfit post ; Silver times

  13. oh.. I've never been hiking! I wonder what it must be like. it sounds like you are having so much fun!!
    I really love the pictures, so beautiful!!
    And the food.. hummm :P
    Congratulations on your award!! your blog is simply amazing, i always enjoy coming here :)


  14. These pictures are amazing! Everything is so beautiful . . . it makes me want to go on vacation *sigh*

  15. Thanks for linking my blog Haze!

    Wow, Nature is indeed beautiful! The non-flush-ables caught my attention. What an adventure. I would like to try someday. lol

    Yum yum yum food! I like the corn, I ate some last weekend.

  16. gorgeous pics!!! makes me wanna go on holz in an exotic place!

    xoxo jenna

  17. so beautiful..just amazing!! <3

  18. what a beautiful place! loved the photographs and your look!!

    following you :)

  19. Gorgeous gorgeous photos wow I'M IN LOVE ! How beautiful nature can be.. So amazing pictures !:) And you look very beautiful too:)

  20. Love the photos, wanna travel now!!! Yummy food :)

    xo Emma

  21. This is so beautiful! The place looks amazing! Sounds like you had a great time! And I love your outfit, even if the weather didn't pick up =) You look stunning! =) I love your blog! I'm now following you! Hope you can check out mine sometime =)

  22. Looks like you guys had a great time - great atmosphere, fantastic food, etc. - sounds like my type of getaway!

  23. WOW the pictures are gorgeous and it literally takes me to this amazing place. LOVE IT. and Congratulations on your blog award honey.

    <3 Marina

  24. dit essen is übertriebenst ranzich :D

  25. i love your abercombie short !

  26. Your photos are amazing!!! :)

  27. beautiful pics!

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